Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yes, it has been a long time...okay a really long time since I made my last post, but maybe it's because we just aren't that exciting. :-)
Although, we finally made our, long planned, trip to AZ to see a close friend of Brandon's from his church mission in Mexico. The Paylor's are a great family to hang with. The kids all had a play mate 24-7, it was a dream come true for them.

The kids at Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

Julianna & Macy

Tilly & Cami

Alexandra & Easton

This picture has a cute story: we went to a baseball game and Cami had been watching alot of men walk by with their shirts off because it was so hot. Well, she decided it was a great idea so she removed her's too. Thing is she looked a ton better than 100%of the shirtless guys we saw.

We had a great time! The company was great the weather...PERFECT and we are looking forward to our next trip already.

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Pickett Fences said...

It looks like a fun and eventfull trip!